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Getting older beats the alternative

Some people are not happy about aging or growing old. They remember joys of their youth. No doubt about that, but we should shift our focus to what is good about still being alive. That can't be debated. Being alive is very much better than the other option.

Some folks I remember for their focus on the good in their life at the time. I've tried to do likewise by always pointing out the good to the complainers. They might be complaining that it is too rainy and wet to play golf; I call attention to our greener grass and blossoming plant life. When you get in a car accident -- who knows -- maybe the insurance will pay for a new car.

I try to be positive, but sometimes that isn't accepted graciously. However, it does bear out the old maxim: For every action in life, there is an opposite reaction.

You know, by now, my fondness for poetry. Here is one example of my thesis today that says it even better:

If we noticed little pleasures

As we notice little pains

If we quite forgot our losses

And remembered all our gains.

If we looked for people's virtues

And their faults we're slow to see

What a happy cheery place

This world would always be.

There are many sayings about happiness. The following caught my attention:

Abraham Lincoln said that much happiness is overlooked because it doesn't cost anything.

Mark Twain said that happiness is not doing what we like to do but is liking what we have to do.

An statement by an unknown source: success is not getting what you want but liking what you have to do.

The H.H. Dalia Lama said: We are social beings. We come into this world as a result of others' actions. We survive here in dependence of others'. There is hardly a moment in our lives when we don't benefit from others' activities. It is not surprising that most of our happiness comes through the content of our relationships with others.

I've been aging for some time now. Let me conclude with another list I've kept: The 10 advantages of growing old -- improving memory isn't on the list so I don't recall who gave it to me:

Kidnappers have no interest in you.

Hostage takers will release you first.

No need to hurry; no one expects it.

If delayed answering the phone, you are asked "Did I awaken you?"

You have nothing left to learn the hard way.

Things you buy will not wear out.

You can eat supper at 4 p.m.

You can live without sex, but not glasses or hearing aids.

Money you spend on health insurance is now paying off.

Private information can be shared with friends; they can't remember either.

Bernie Hughes, Ed.D, is a retired educator who resides in Superior. He can be reached at bernie3024@