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The unicorn buck

Brian Moffitt poses with the ‘unicorn buck’ he harvested in Bayfield County recently during Wisconsin’s archery season. (Submitted photo)

Darrell Pendergrass

GRAND VIEW, Wis. — For Brian Moffitt, the giant whitetail buck he bagged last week in southern Bayfield County is about as good as it gets for an avid archery hunter.

The deer, nicknamed the “Unicorn Buck’’ by those who have seen it through the years, is definitely unique, not only for its size but for a non-typical third horn that juts out nearly straight from its forehead.

Moffitt, from LaPorte, Ind. was in the right spot at the right time when the bruiser made its presence known.

“I saw him coming in from about 80 yards out, there were a couple of does in front of him, and they went past me,” Moffitt said. “I had some scents out and he smelled them. He started thrashing his head around and grunting; he really put on show. And he came right in.”

Sitting about 20 feet up in his stand, Moffitt, who is strictly an archery hunter in Wisconsin, said once he realized the size of the buck he had time to get ready for his shot.

“I took my gloves off, unzipped my jacket and made a good shot. I shoot year-round, and it paid off,” Moffitt said.

The rack on Moffitt’s buck has good mass. The right side is palmated, with several kickers and burrs. Depending on how it’s scored, it has between 13- and 16-points and could score 160 or better for Pope and Young. The antlers are so unique it’s too hard to know how it measures until it’s officially scored.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Moffitt, who has many years of hunting under his belt. “I’ve got several good bucks back at home, but this is the best one.”

Moffitt has been coming to northern Wisconsin most of his adult life. His father bought a piece of property up this way when his sons were young, and they’ve been coming ever since, to fish or hunt.

Robert Moffitt is 71-years old now and didn’t make the trip up with Brian and the other guys. Brian said his thoughts turned to his father not too long after putting his hands on the trophy deer.

“I want to thank my dad for buying this place — he didn’t make it up because of health reasons,” Brian Moffitt said. “We’re a tight family, and we’ve always done things together. I’ve sent him photos already; he’s pretty excited.”