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St. Luke’s

Megan Wait and Scott Abramowski of Cloquet, a girl, Paisley Mae, Sept. 29.

Colleen J. and James M. McDonald of Superior, a boy, Charles William, May 21, two other children, Denis (D.J.) McDonald, 20, Brittany Marie, 16.

Meghan N. and Justin M. Vos of Duluth, a boy, Hunter Michael, June 27, one other child, Noah Daniel, 5.

Kristy Johnson and Eric Jeter of Superior, a boy, Eric Lee Jeter II, July 3.

Mark and Rachel Van Rossem of Duluth, a boy, Ryker Eli, July 2.

Leatta M. Bullion and Dawson K. Coleman of Superior, a girl, Vynetta Kay, July 22.

Traci and Seth Fonger of Superior, a girl, Everly Diane, July 23.

Kristin Garthus, a boy, Kian Joe Garthus, July 24, one other child, Kingston Garthus, 5.

Kristine and Edward Piasecki Jr., of Duluth, a boy, Salem Porter, July 26, one other child, Cecilia, 4.

Essentia Health-

St. Mary’s

Emily Syria and Nate Dumonseau of Saginaw, Minn., a girl, Avery Isla, June 30.

Adam and Nichole Lawrey of Superior, a boy, Cameron Ray, July 1.

Jessica and Josh Avery of Superior, a girl, Nellie Jean, July 2, three other children, Allison, 13, Abby, 10, Cameron, 8.

Kristy Fudally and Paul Kurtz of Superior, a girl, Khiley Marie, July 8.

Kaare and Pam Melby of Finland, Minn., a girl, Gwendolyn Catherine, July 8.

Brianna Nelson and Andrew Herrick of Superior, a boy, Axel Wayne, July 10, two other children, Mercedes, 6, Aidan, 9.

Rachell L. Powell and Benjamin D. Solien of Duluth, a girl, Addison Olivia, July 11.

Andrew and Tara Field of Esko, Minn., a boy, Hayden Daniel, July 13.

Crystal Barthel and Jeremy Quaderer of Hayward, a boy, Kameryn John, July 14, four other children, Nathan, 10, Teej, 8, T.J., 5, Kaylee 5.

Anita LaQuier and Larry Ackerman Jr. of South Range, a boy, Mark James “MJ” Ackerman, July 17.

Troy Thomas and Marlene Draper of Superior, a girl, Malieah Ann, July 19.

Jackie and Rollie Flint of Duluth, a girl, Rees, July 21.

Natalie Stratton and Jared Forte of Cloquet, a boy, Cameo Charles Roger Forte, July 25, five other children, Nathaniel, 8, Aidyn, 7, Lilly, 5, Vincent, 2, J. Carter Forte, 1.

Charlene and Terrence Thayer of Superior, a girl, Khaleesi Erin, July 28, one other child, Aliyana, 6.

Out of area

Nicole Heino and Matt Looney, a girl, Trinity Marie, April 24 in Houston, Texas. Nicole is the daughter of Darryl Heino, formerly of Maple and Monica Heino of Houston, and the granddaughter of Leo and Ruth Heino, Maple.

Eric J and Helen P Besvold, a boy Lucas Frederick, July 17, at Cape Canaveral Hospital in Cocoa Beach, Fla., six other children, Joseph. 2, Keara 3, Samantha 13, Savannah 15, Matthew 17, Alesha 19. Grandparents are Gerald R. and Beatrice A. (Stariha) Besvold of Superior.