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Seeking mentors


Age: 6

Personality: Kara is an energetic little lady that is full of fun and joy. She is inquisitive, curious and is always up for an adventure. She describes herself as energetic, loving and smart. Kara is talkative and a very happy little girl. She is also very strong willed and not afraid to share her opinion with you. Kara is incredibly close to her mom and brother. They are quite the team.

Interests: Kara loves cooking, baking, swimming, and roller skating. Her favorite movie is Despicable Me 2 and she loves the color blue. She likes coloring, bowling, swimming, mini golf, skating, gymnastics, crafts and so much more. Kara would be up for trying new things and doing almost any activity with a mentor.

Goals/Dreams: When Kara grows up she would like to own her own candy shop that would sell every kind of candy. She would specialize in chocolate and lollipops. If she had three wishes, Kara would hope to have a genie that would give her infinite wishes, a lot of candy, and several kittens.

Mentor: Kara would love to bake cookies and go to the Edge with a mentor. She would be up for almost any activity and is full of energy and fun. Her mom is interested in having a mentor for Kara that could spend time with her and be a consistent adult in her life. They have no extended family in the area, so a mentor would be a great benefit to Kara.

For more information: If you would like to mentor Kara, contact Rebecca Haavik, Mentor Superior Program Advocate, at (218) 393-9160 or e-mail rhaavik@