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Seeking mentors: Energetic 5-year-old seeks fun-loving mentor


Age: 5

Personality: Jordynn is an energetic little lady that loves people and loves to play. She describes herself as good, energetic, and very girly. She gets along really well with her older sister and family loves to spend time with them. She has lots of energy and seems to bounce around the room, always with a smile.

Interests: Jordynn is so close to being able to read, and loves hearing stories. She likes playing, being outside, exploring every playground in Superior, and going to the zoo. She likes swimming, animals — she really wants a kitten — computers, music, crafts, baking and many more activities. In her free time, she likes to watch Nick Jr., put puzzles together and play on the computer.

Goals/Dreams: Jordynn would love to be a rock star when she grows up. If she had three wishes, Jordynn would want to be good at math, to be able to spell more and she wishes she could read. She might not tell you them though, because if she tells you, “they won’t come true.” If she could visit anywhere in the world, she would travel to China.

Mentor: Jordynn would love to do almost any activity with a mentor. She loves to play on playgrounds and would enjoy going to the park with a mentor. She would enjoy hanging out with someone who likes to have fun, has lots of energy and is kind.

For information: If you would like to mentor Jordynn, contact Rebecca Haavik, Mentor Superior program advocate, at 218-393-9160 or email