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Faithful stand sends insects hopping

Pastor Mark

The year 1873 was the beginning of a “grasshopper” infestation in Minnesota that lasted until 1877. Technically known as Rocky Mountain Locusts, these ravenous insects decimated the vast majority of the Minnesotan crops raised in the day. As the plague continued over the next four years, times became desperate. Agricultural income plummeted. Government coffers were strained as attempts were made to help farmers with their losses. Various extermination ideas were developed from the rational to the absurd, but nothing proved effective.

Sensing the seriousness of the situation, people of faith petitioned Gov. John S. Pillsbury, to proclaim a statewide day of prayer and fasting to seek divine intervention to the problem. With some reluctance he acquiesced making April 26, 1877, the divine day. Remarkably, if not miraculously, from the moment of the proclamation, the locusts began to disappear. By that August, they were gone from the state not to return for another 60 years.

Many have offered explanations for this event. Some claim a strong wind blew them away. Others credited an April snowstorm with freezing the insects’ eggs. Whatever method God used to disperse the creatures, the people of the day were thankful for Pillsbury’s proclamation. They referred to it as “Pillsbury’s best.”

Isn’t it amazing what God can do when we give Him our best?