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Cruising with the believers

Pastor Mark

Driving on I-35 in Minnesota, I set the cruise control on the car to the speed limit and settled back for a long ride home. However, what I took to be speed limit signs must have been speed suggestion signs, as everybody was passing me. It made me wonder if anyone drove the speed limit anymore.

As I pondered this, I realized the error of my thinking. Not everyone was speeding that day. I was only seeing those that were. The other law abiding drivers were not passing me because they were traveling the same speed that I was. I was not alone.

I thought how this idea applies as we travel through life. Most of what passes us, depicted in our media and public gossip, can be the worst of people; those who break the law or exhibit inappropriate behaviors. It becomes easy to surmise that every person is a rascal and the whole world is wrong. We do not see or hear about the vast majority of good people out there living proper lives among us.

Elijah the prophet suffered from this same syndrome. He believed he was the only true follower of God; that everyone had become a Baal worshipper. God corrected Elijah. He was not alone, there were thousands of faithful believers active in the world.

Sometimes, as we follow God, we can feel like a very small minority. Don’t fall for the mis-perception. Set your life’s cruise control within the limits of God’s will, reassured that though we may not see them, there are many cruising along with us.