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Learn what Christianity is before criticizing

Pastor Mark

You Christians are the worst breed ever to affect the world. You deserve every punishment you can get! Nobody likes you. It would be better if you and your Jesus had never been born. We hear that you are all cannibals — you eat the flesh of your children in your sacred meetings.

These words were expressed by Caecilius a Roman citizen in the second century AD. His accusation is a perfect illustration of how ignorance can produce prejudice.

The accusation of cannibalism grew out of an unenlightened understanding of Christian communion when the church feeds mystically on the flesh and blood of Jesus. Because this celebration was closed to the public, the average Roman never witnessed the ceremony. They could only guess what took place. Obviously their guess was wrong.

Guessing what Christianity is all about is a growing trend today. Given the distorted ways the faith is being depicted by media, politics and special interest groups, I wonder if any of these "experts" have any actual experience within the faiths they criticize.

Just like Caecilius, the errant accusations spread by those of prominence, develop an incorrect prejudice against the faith. Much of what is expressed about Christianity today reveals more ignorance than insight.

What is your view of Christianity? Is it based upon personal experience and observation, or is it an opinion from a secondary source. Why not step away from our modern day Caecilius’ and check out what Christianity is really about. Visit a church this week, you may be pleasantly surprised.