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Sometimes ‘go away’ is the right response

Ever consider "Go Away!" as words expressing your faith? Jesus did, when He healed Jairus’ daughter.

Jairus was a ruler of a synagogue in Galilee. He had asked Jesus to come to his house to heal his daughter who was dying. On their way to the home, they were told the girl had died, suggesting it was too late to heal her. However, Jesus reassured Jairus by saying, "Don’t be afraid, just believe."

When they arrived at Jairus’ home, the people gathered there told Jesus He was too late. The girl was dead. Nothing more could be done. To which Jesus responded "Go away!" Then He brought the girl back to life.

His statement may sound callous, but there are times when our best response to unbelief is to distance ourselves from those who promote it. People who lack faith naturally share pessimism. If we allow their negative influence to invade the situation, we can be convinced of their view, limiting our ability to believe. Remember, just because some people cannot embrace your faith, there is no requirement to embrace their doubt.

This is not to suggest that we should no longer relate to unbelievers. We need to influence their doubt with our faith. However, sometimes we need to separate ourselves from their unbelief to allow God to do His work.

God still does amazing things with those who believe. But, to experience this, we may have to tell those who refuse to believe to "Go away!"