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After-market solutions won’t heal the spirit

Pastor Mark Holmes

Manufacturers tell us we should always use genuine parts when making repairs. Occasionally, I have used other brand names, and found they can work as well as the manufacturers’.

But this wasn’t true with my experience repairing my badly broken soul. I tried some after-market items recommended to me, but they failed to work.

One of the first recommendations was legalism. The instructions stated if I followed the rules everything would work out. I tried my best but found that it had more rules than I could follow. It heightened my guilt, but did little toward making me spiritual.

Another recommendation was morality. I was told if I just behaved myself I would find the peace of God. This was like legalism minus the list of rules. I tried it, but soon realized, no matter how good I was I never would capture God’s approval.

I was told to get active in the cause. If I busied myself with church attendance, and did churchy type things, it would all come together. This did change me, mainly because I was too busy with church stuff that I did not have time to get in trouble. But instead of peace, I only experienced fatigue.

Finally I was encouraged to try God’s method; confess my sins, embrace the Holy Spirit and allow Him to change my life.

You know, in spiritual matters, it is amazing how well the manufacturer works to repair our broken lives. With God, there is only one genuine way — His!

Pastor Mark Holmes is an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church and has served the Darrow Road Wesleyan Church since 1997.