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Winning can make you a loser until you’re willing to lose

Pastor Mark

Everyone likes to win. Whether it is our professional sports teams, or a simple game of cribbage; no one wants to lose. But have you ever considered that winning isn’t always winning?

Jesus taught a parable about a farmer who experienced a super harvest. He had so much grain that he had to build more barns to store it. Then he bought a recliner, a big screen television and settled back to enjoy the good life. He had won!

Yet Jesus said the man had really lost. He gained the whole world, but gave up his soul in the process.

Winning is sometimes losing.

On the other hand, losers can actually be winners. As foreign as this may sound, we will never achieve some things without losing. Consider humility. There is nothing like coming in dead last to serve up a nice portion of humble pie. No one enjoys this experience, but it can develop a more balanced personality. Experiencing our limitations often motivates us toward improvement.

Just as Jesus taught winning can be losing, He shared how losing can be winning. In His words, those who want to save their life must be willing to lose it. Those willing to lose their life for His purpose will save it for eternity. He is not advocating suicide, but obedience; the humility of losing that makes one a winner.

What are you losing in your efforts to win that you could be winning if you were willing to lose?

Pastor Mark Holmes is an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church and has served the Darrow Road Wesleyan Church since 1997.