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Study: Boozy style makes 007 ‘Dead man walking’

By Pastor Mark Holmes

“If James Bond were a real person and not simply a fictional character … he’d not only be considered a drunk – but also a sexually dysfunctional, liver damaged, car crashing, dead man walking.” So says the Washington Times (12/13/2013) regarding a recent study. It stated that Bond, drinking an average of 90 drinks per week, would be too hampered by alcohol to perform the things he does in his movies. As much as fans would like to think Bond’s lifestyle is exemplary, reality proves otherwise.

I believe our community has embraced this ideal as well. For generations we have unofficially accepted that “Superiorites” can drink like Bond without the city suffering any consequences. Some even suggest it enhances the community. But statistics contradict this.

A web posting by the Center of Disease Control ( revealed excessive drinking costs Wisconsin $4,180,200,000 per year. This averages $1.45 per drink or $752 per person. One can add to this the non-tangible costs of broken homes, lost lives and deprivation. 

The CDC stated men drinking five or more drinks and women drinking four or more drinks per occasion are responsible for 70 percent of these expenses.

Applying these figures to the population of Superior, 27,244*, our annual community cost is roughly $20,487,488; far more than our community receives from wages, taxes and charitable acts engendered by the alcohol industry.  

Isn’t it time we debunk this myth? Excessive drinking is not the act of a healthy community; it is the behavior of alcoholism.

* 2010 Census