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Kwon serves Jesus in Superior district

Myoung Kwon has agreed to serve as pastor in the Superior district.

Kwon comes from Southern California where he has served as associate pastor of the Rosemead Korean Church for the past two years.

Kwon was born and raised in Korea. After his sophomore year of theology at Sahmyook University, he went to Australia as a Bible worker.

“During this 4½ months of hands-on ministry I realized that this was what God wanted me to do,” said Kwon. “Ministry is my passion, my calling. I am fully convicted that Jesus’ second coming is not far away. There is nothing more important I can do than to work for Christ.”

Kwon’s wife, Hye Mi, has a master’s in life science from Sahmyook University. They have one daughter, Sebin, born July 24.

Kwon enjoys scuba diving, photography, preaching and giving Bible studies.