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Reclaim what's been defaced in God's salvation

Would'ves, could'ves and should'ves -- the common laments of possibilities lost.

We all utter these when realizing a potential has slipped through our fingers, like when a dream once held is no longer possible.

Does God ever use these words of lament; not regarding himself, but in relation to mankind, as He compares where we are today to where we could have been?

Knowing the divine vision that lay behind creation; the paradisiacal beginning, blessed by the immediate fellowship of God; in His mind, does He ever lament what creation could have become had mankind been obedient to His will?

What about individuals?

God created in each of us our unique potentials, with His vision of what we would accomplish. Does He ever look at us and think, "If only he would've..." "If only she could've..."

Ever wonder what possibilities have slipped past our society because we have failed to become what God had ordained? We could be enjoying the fullness of His dream instead of struggling through our present lives of suffering. Have the cures for many of our ailments passed us by in the form of those who have wasted their lives in spiritual rebellion? How much potential have we cut off because we choose to deny God's existence rather than pursue Him?

It is not too late. God's salvation is not just about forgiving sin, but reclaiming what sin has defaced. We can still realign ourselves with God, and by doing so forego the regrets of what could have been.

Pastor Mark Holmes is an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church and has served the Darrow Road Wesleyan Church since 1997.