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Advancement narrows the gap

Ever hear of the "God Gap?" It deals with the space between human ability and our dependency on God. When mankind cannot control nor do something, we look to God to fill the gap.

Initially, there were many gaps that God filled for us. But as we deepened our understanding of creation and how it works, humanity has been able to do more for ourselves. Issues that were initially relegated to God are now assumed into the arena of human control.

The gap of God's involvement has been greatly narrowed over time, leaving some to wonder whether God is really needed in today's world. Some even argue that God is nothing more than the product of our imagination, created to take away our anxiety when facing the uncertainties of life.

However, the God Gap has its merits. God created us to take control of creation (Genesis 1:28) yet He did not provide all the understanding we would need to do so. Seemingly, He wanted us to discover the workings of creation on our own, so our intellect would develop. While we wrestled with understanding, God graciously did what we could not.

As we developed, God surrendered the mastered issues into our control. This does not mean He no longer exists, it means humanity has developed greater ability.

Assuming our advancement has made God unnecessary is merely an act of hubris. One needs only to read the last five chapters of Job to realize how wide this gap will always be.