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Conversations of the spooky kind

Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota will be hosting a Supernatural Conversation at 1 p.m. April 29 at the Iron Mug Coffee House, 1096 88th Ave. W.

Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota — aka the SIM Crew — is a team of seasoned paranormal investigators that research all areas of the supernatural, such as ghosts, Bigfoot, cryptozoology and UFO's. The SIM Crew is located the greater Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, with two investigators in northern Minnesota.

SIM's signature Supernatural Conversation events are a unique and engaging interactive town hall style event. Guests are encouraged to participate and tell their stories, while the SIM's Crew asks questions. The crew is in the area doing research on the old Nopeming Sanatorium, and are hopeful people who worked there when it was in operation will join the conversation.