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Students perform way to state competition

Seven students qualified to compete at the state level following local music auditions held April 2 at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

The Superior Area Music Teachers Association sponsored the event.

The state competition takes place May 20 at UW-Eau Claire. Students qualified to compete at state are Elizabeth Evans, Natalie Sandor, Benjamin Hintzman, Madilyn Carey, Zachary Grohn, Eliana Lammi and Kaia Orme.

Four teachers — Alex Sandor, Kathleen Frank, Roberta Grube and Beth Gilbert, Ph.D. — taught the 40 participants.

Points are awarded each year and accumulate over time. Those who received their 22-point plaque include Selma Artang, Stuart Beebe, Riley Eberhardt, Reagan Eberhardt, Eliana Lammi, Thomas Lammi, Kate Porter and Jillian Romich.

Madilyn Carey and Selah Swanson earned their 50-point bar.

The 75-point bar was awarded to Jayden Ketola.

Kaia Orme, Harold Tu and Jasmine Wu earned the 100-point plaque.

Elizabeth Evans and Ted Kyle earned their 125-point bar. Zachary Grohn earned his 150-point bar and Benjamin Hintzman earned the 225-point bar.

Kaia Orme also earned the four-year high school participation medal.