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Accusations reveal spiritual ignorance

When Jesus was crucified, some of His accusers stood by challenging Him to prove His claims of being the Messiah by rescuing himself from the cross. Obviously, they wanted to prove their accusations that He was a fraud were correct. However, their shouts did more to reveal their ignorance than Jesus' quackery.

"He saved others but He cannot save Himself."

"He's the king of Israel! Let Him come down from the cross, and we will believe in Him."

"He trusts in God, Let God rescue Him if He wants Him." (Mt.27:39-44).

In each of these mockeries, Jesus' accusers pit Jesus against His Father's will and purpose for coming to earth. If He saved himself, He could not save others because His death was necessary for humanity's rescue. It was the fact that He was King of Israel that brought Him to the cross. God the Father's desire was not to rescue Jesus, but to rescue the world through Jesus. If the Father and Son would have given into any of these challenges, humanity would be hopelessly and helplessly lost. But that did not prevent the people from interfering through their ignorance.

How often does our ignorance get in the way of God's love for us? Our understanding can depict a situation in the wrong light. Instead of realizing God is extending grace to us, we condemn Him because our experience is not what we expected.

Remember, God's ways are not our ways. To argue this only reveals our ignorance.