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Seeking mentor


Age: 10

Interests: Carter loves to do many different activities. He especially likes biking, swimming, basketball, archery, fishing, camping, running, climbing up hills and hiking. He also likes to play card games, do crafts, watch movies, and go to plays or concerts.

Personality: Carter is a kid who really enjoys seeing other people happy. He likes to help make others happy by being funny. He describes himself as "nice, crazy and goofy."

Goals/dreams: Carter would like to be a policeman when he gets older. He would really like to travel to China someday to learn Kung Fu and their language. If Carter could have three wishes, they would be to be rich, have a jetpack and to have super powers.

Mentor: Carter would like a mentor who is a lot of fun and who likes sports. His most favorite activities he would like his mentor to do with him is swimming and bike riding. Carter has never been horseback riding and would like one day to learn how with his mentor. His grandma would like to have someone who will encourage him. Someone who is active would be a good fit.

For information: If you would like to mentor Carter, contact Salisa Hochstetler, Mentor Superior program coordinator, at 218-393-9160 or email