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Seeking mentor


Age: 14

Interests: Tyler has a passion for building and working with random things such as engines and Legos. Tyler also loves basketball, exploring, baseball, camping, bowling, biking, swimming, archery, weightlifting and fishing. He also loves animals, cooking, arts and crafts and playing games.

Personality: Tyler has an amazing sense of humor! He likes to have fun and try new things. He is a kinetic learner and loves doing things with his hands.

Goals/dreams: Tyler would like to be a mechanic when he gets older. He would also love to do go-karts. Tyler's three wishes are to "have two cars, to have a guinea pig and to bring grandma and grandpa back."

Mentor: Tyler would like to go go-karting, to adventure zone and build stuff with his mentor. Tyler's mom would like Tyler to have a mentor that will keep him active; someone who can play sports with him and be a great influence.

For information: If you would like to mentor Tyler, contact Salisa Hochstetler, Mentor Superior Program Coordinator, at 218-393-9160 or email