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Following the cones

I have no proof, but I am convinced there are more orange construction zone barrels along our highways than there are people in the United States. In a recent trip to Pennsylvania, I know I passed a number equal to our nation's population.

Nothing influences our trek through a construction zone like these barrels. They mark out the boundaries of safety, warn us of hazards, and direct us through the oft confusing maze of lane shifts and changes. Through good weather or foul, they stand as mini-sentries leading us along; even taking one for the team when necessary, as is evident from the many that are dented, tire marked and crinkled.

As I passed through my 500th construction site, I realized how much these barrels represent the word of God. Our lives experience "improvement zones;" some because we are broken and need repair, others because we need to improve. These can be confusing life mazes, weaving between hazards and brokenness. God's word serves us as life's figurative orange barrels. It outlines our path, marks out the hazards, and even suffers the abuse from us when fail to heed its directives.

Like highway construction, we may not like to encounter life improvement zones, but we know the repair is necessary. Without it we would fall into complete disrepair. But there is comfort in knowing, like the barrels of a construction site, God's word stands ready and able to take us safely through.

Pastor Mark Holmes is an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church and has served the Darrow Road Wesleyan Church since 1997.