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Twin Ports Stage performs live radio soap opera

From left, “Twin Ports” cast members Julie Ahasay, Gary Kruchowski, Pat Castellano, Victoria Main, Jerry Bacon, Cathy Podeszwa, Barbara Reyelts, Jean Sramek, Chris Nollet, John Munson and Brian Matuszak pose for a photograph. The Twin Ports Stage group is performing episodes seven and eight at 6 p.m. Aug. 19 at the Belknap Lounge. (Submitted photo)

Find out the answers to burning questions or just enjoy some laughs during the August installment of the live radio soap opera “Twin Ports.”

In July, the theater group celebrated the one-year anniversary “Twin Ports.” Episodes seven and eight of the continuing saga is staged at 6 p.m. Aug. 19 at the Belknap Lounge. Their special musical guest will be Kaylee Matuszak, daughter of cast member Brian Matuszak.

The story and characters of “Twin Ports” are fictionalized, but stay true to that special quality that makes the Northland so unique. The script, written by Twin Ports Stage founders Victoria Main and Lori Kempton, explores the “lives, loves, triumphs and tragedies” of the people living in the (slightly) mythical Twin Ports. Flying alien toddlers, spying neighbors, skullduggery at the lutefisk plant and the town’s drive-through confessional all provide ample comedic fodder. Last year, the show was voted “Best Local Play of 2013” in the Northland Reader’s online poll.

The show is performed every other month at the Belknap, although Kempton and Main wish they could write the episodes faster.

“I’d love it if we could do it monthly,” Main said. “We have some loyal fans, and they’ve told us they want more. But we’ve got so much going on right now that this is the fastest we can write it.”

Kempton said discovering the show had fans was a surprise and a real kick.

“We were at a party, and people started asking us what was going to happen to different characters in future episodes,” she said. “It was funny because all we could say was, ‘we don’t know yet.’ But it was really cool to see they were so involved in the story.”

The show also features commercial breaks advertising fictional products and services of Twin Ports businesses. The theme music and commercial jingles are composed by Main, Kempton and Sound Engineer/Foley Artist Kathryn Senn.

The cast features Julie Ahasay, Jerry Bacon, Pat Castellano, Gary Kruchowski, Victoria Main, Brian Matuszak, John Munson, Chris Nollet, Cathy Podeszwa, Barbara Reyelts and Jean Sramek.

The radio show will continue indefinitely, with remaining 2014 episodes in October and December following the Aug. 19 show. The first 2015 performance is scheduled for February. There is no charge for admission to the radio show, but donations to Twin Ports Stage are welcomed.