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Roundtable focuses on farming, land issues

The farming community is invited to attend the June Dairy Days roundtable 10 a.m. to noon Wednesday in Room 270 of the Government Center.

“A strong agricultural economy depends on long and short range land use decisions”, said Jane Anklam, agriculture educator for Douglas County, “Famers can face complicated estate tax issues, depreciation and family dynamics that are unique to the agricultural small business. It is important to take stock in the plans for the land as it transfers to the next generation.”

Anklam said such discussions are meant for all ages of the farm family business, not just those approaching retirement.

John Gasner of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture talks about how farm families can approach the topic and have an efficient plan for the future.

Gasner also offers advice on how to set up lease agreements that protect the renter, the landowner and land productivity.

“There are some sad stories out there about land leasing agreements that were not set up well. We offer leasing tips that can make land rental a better option all around,” Gasner said.

In addition, forage testing for quality hay is discussed along with recognition of Douglas County Dairy Farmers in honor of June Dairy Days.

Contact Anklam at 715-395-1363 or to register for the free event.